React, Redux & Material UI Workshop for Beginners


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
4 hours
35 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Manoj Satish Kumar
  • Create a Todo app from scratch with React
  • Setup Redux-Saga in the application
  • Use Material UI components to build the app
  • State persistence for the redux store
  • Implement adding, completing & deleting Todos
  • JEST unit testing setup from scratch
  • Write JEST unit tests for the reducer
  • Check test coverage in JEST


We will build a Todo app from scratch using React, Redux-Saga, Material UI and understand the concepts.

Are you a beginner to React, Redux or Material UI ?

Do you feel setting up redux-saga, understanding and remembering it is difficult ?

Do you find it difficult to understand all the different pieces involved like Webpack, JSX and Transpilation ?

Are you confused about how to properly unit test React components using Jest ?

Don't worry, I have been there too.

So I decided to create a workshop for it in order to bring clarity to the absolute beginners who want to get started in just 1 day. You just need basic javascript knowledge to join the workshop

Skills can pay the bills.

The number of jobs for the trio combination of ( React, Redux, Material-UI ) has increased and they are demanding skills to have in your CV in 2021.

The fact is, not everyone can easily understand and start building projects with React and use Redux with Material UI right away. But as a beginner, you will need a bit of push. Online documentation is great. I don't deny it. But with my hands-on experience, I believe I can help you give that initial push. Code with me and learn how to bootstrap without generators.

We will be using concepts like react hooks, redux setup, refs, material components & state persistence while building this React app and then give you the source code for future reference. You can use this as a bootstrap while working on your office projects and quickly configure stuff. Say No to StackOverflow for things that you can remember. This saves you time to focus on the core logic in your projects.

Unit testing with Jest

Unit testing the redux state of a react component is so critical because the reducer function dictates the behaviour of your app simply because it controls the entire state.

Mocking external libraries and exports are crucial during testing because we are interested to verify only our code changes.

In order to achieve this, we will make use of jest mock fn( ) to bypass the undesired portions of the code and make sure our redux reducer is stable and protected from future code changes which may introduce potential damage.

I hope you like the workshop.

Warm regards,

Manoj Satish Kumar

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