React Js With Laravel Build Complete PWA Ecommerce Project


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Paid course
All Levels
80 hours
467 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Kazi Ariyan
  • React Basic Foundation
  • JavaScript Fundamental In Detail
  • A-Z React FrontEnd
  • Creating REST API
  • Project Implementation with Database on Real Server
  • Component Framework
  • React API Consuming
  • Contact Form Setup
  • Loader Animation Setup
  • API Failure Setup
  • Laravel Fundamental All
  • Build React Js Authentication with Laravel Passport
  • Admin Panel Setup
  • Laravel Authentication with Jetstream
  • Product Image Zoom
  • Related Product Setup
  • Product Review Option
  • Add To Cart Option
  • Add To Favorite Option
  • Order History Option
  • Notification History
  • Managing Loader Placeholder
  • Form Validation with Message
  • Multiple Language Option
  • Build PWA Application
  • Responsive for all Devices


In This Course You Will Build Complete PWA Ecommerce Application with React Js and Laravel. Become Full Stack Developer

This React Js With Laravel Build Complete PWA Ecommerce Project Course will help you to become a Full Stack Web Developer

React has rapidly become one of the most powerful tools for building Web Applications. Top sites using React include Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Airbnb, and more!

This course is perfect for all who want to start their career as a Full Stack Web Developer. This course will help you to build a strong foundation of Frontend by React Js and Backend by Laravel.

If you complete totally course perfectly you will be able to build any dynamic website with react and laravel. In this course, i will create multiple complete real-life projects included a Complete Ecommerce Website from scratch. I have designed this course like that way first you will learn react Basic Fundamentals then you will Learn Laravel Basic fundamentals by complete one project. Then together React Js and Laravel how to create one Complete PWA Ecommerce Application I will show this with a live example.

Also, you will be able to understand how to create Rest API and also how to use this API everything I will show you with a live example. So you will not just learn from this course you will do it.

That will be a straight forward course Coz you will build one complete PWA Ecommerce project with react and laravel from scratch. and it will be one progressive web application.

And remember the practical experience is the best way to let you learn any new programming language. Our Mission is to become you successful.

What is the Best Part of this Course?

  • You will learn React Js Basic Fundamentals

  • You will learn JavaScript Fundamentals [Updated on Nov 21]

  • You will learn Laravel Basic Fundamentals

  • How to Create Rest API

  • Some Essential JavaScript.

  • Create Custom Authentication with React Js and Laravel¬† Passport.

  • Build One Complete PWA Ecommerce Project.

  • And More...

In this course, you will not just learn you actually doing it. Learn and apply this on a live project with me.

Sound Great right?


Click the "Enroll Now" button at the top right now!

I am excited to see you on the course!


Kazi Ariyan

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