React for absolute beginners


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Course overview

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Paid course
6 hours
66 lessons
Available on completion
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Bluelime Learning Solutions
  • Setup local react development environment
  • Access react library from CDN
  • Understand what components
  • Create components
  • Create components in ES6
  • Convert component functions to ES6 Class
  • Understand Props
  • Use props with components
  • Understand JSX
  • Use JSX as an expression
  • Use child elements in JSX
  • Nest JSX elements
  • Understand state
  • Adding a state to a class
  • Build simple react projects


Learn React from scratch with hands-on projects

React.js is a an open-source JavaScript library for creating user interfaces 
React adopts  a component based approach in developing applications.
Every react app can considered a component or a collection of components which can be re-usable.

This course is for absolute beginners to react and will teach you from scratch what you need to know to begin
creating react based applications. React is fun and easy to learn.

React.js is designed to make the process of building modular, reusable user interface components simple and intuitive. With React you can design  simple views for each state of an application. You can also use  React to efficiently update and render  components when your data changes.  I will walk you through how to create react components from scratch, review components properties, and component state, as well as the foundational parent/child relationships within React.js. I will also take you through  the lifecycle of components . You will be transpiling JSX code using babel which is an in browser transpiler that converts  JSX code into readable format.

What you will learn includes:

Setting up a local react development environment
Accessing React Library via CDN
Using Creating a React App tool to create new react projects
Accessing Reaact from JSBIN
Creating React Components
Creating React Components in ES6
Converting React functions to ES6 Class
Using JSX
Embedding JSX as expressions
Using props
Using State
Component life cycle
Creating a  React mortgage calculator
Creating a React Todo List App
Creating a React static tweet component
Creating a React countdown timer
Creating a React digital clock

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