React Data Visualization - Build a Cryptocurrency Dashboard


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  • Modern React Development with React & React Context API for State Management
  • Build a Complete CryptoCurrency Financial Reporting App
  • Styled-components : Dynamic CSS-in-JS
  • HighCharts : Graphing Historical Price Data
  • CSS Grid : Responsive Layouts
  • CryptoCompare API : Fetch Real Pricing Data
  • Moment : Date Manipulation
  • Lodash : Functional Programming
  • Create-React-App 2.0 : Boilerplate Quickly
  • localStorage : Save Coins


Learn industry secrets of building beautifully fast dashboards with React, Context API, styled-components & CSS Grid.

Warning: This is an advanced course for web developers already familiar with the basics of React and JavaScript!

Build a complete Cryptocurrency Dashboard with this professional React Course! 

  • Settings Page with Intro greeting

    • Greeting the user on first visit, asking them to choose their favorites

    • Providing a default 5 coins as favorites & a complete list of all coins

    • Searching for coins with fuzzy search

    • Hovering and Selecting coins

    • Adding/Removing coins on the list of favorites

    • Disabling out chosen coins

    • Confirm Favorite Coin

      • Remembers those values for the user

      • Generates dashboard prices & historical data

  • Dashboard

    • Data initializes from remembered favorites, or forwards to Settings page

    • Displays 5 major Cards for first 5 favorites and compact Cards for next 5

    • Renders a line chart for the 10 historical points on current favorite symbol

    • Select coins changes and re-fetch data, remembers current favorite

    • Select to render historical points on Date: Days Weeks Months

    • Display name and image of coin next to chart

  • BONUS: Themes

    • Easily configure the app’s theme to be dark or light

React isn't just for experts in the industry, in fact beginners should start with React, as it is truly the easiest way to build apps.

The create-react-app project is an amazing boilerplate to rapidly build apps. You no longer need to stress about Webpack, build tools, etc. This is all taken care of with the only starter project you need: create-react-app.

Every line of code is walked through, as the project is built from scratch with no steps skipped or time wasted.

You'll see how quickly things get done with the power of React Context, styled-components v4, the latest advancement in the CSS-in-JS paradigm.

With HighCharts, we'll show you how to run HighCharts with React, and customize the theme to fit our project.

Complex data modifications to our favorites entail a strict knowledge of the state flow, and so we must take care to explain every aspect of how maintaining our React state is important, and only clean variables are created.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out. We are happy to help respond to all issues relating to your journey.

Best of luck with CryptoDash, I know you'll love this project.

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