React ASP.NET Core Starter Guide


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Amr Swalha
  • React Basics
  • ASP(dot)NET Core Basics
  • Create beautiful React Sites
  • Connect react to .NET Backend to process and receive data


Learn how to use React and ASP.NET Core to develop Web Apps

Hello and welcome to this course. React is one of the most well known fronted frameworks where you can develop single-page applications SPA using it. Also, what is unique about React is that its performance is outstanding comparing other frameworks due to the fact that React relies on the virtual dom and do partials updates on the UI.

ASP.NET Core is the latest generation of ASP.NET. It's outstanding performance and ease of use make it the ideal backend framework to use to develop web applications. ASP.NET Core has a smaller memory footprint and out of the box dependency container that handles different components of a life time. Also, the ability to run it on all major platforms such as Linux, macOS and Windows. Also, the mode of hosting can be either under IIS or be self-contained.

EF Core is the next generation ORM for EF. EF Core introduced huge performance enhancements comparing to older versions and more features for better developments. With EF Core, you can now see the queries and even add messages to help you debug your work.

In this course, no matter what is your knowledge level with React you can take this course. In this course, we will start with the creation of the ASP.NET Core Project with React and we ill deep dive into ASP.NET Core and we will see how you can configure it and also add some nice tools such as Swagger and Stackify to make your development life much easier.

Then we will learn the basics of React and how we can use it. WE will se how we can create components with it to help share code and have a reusable UI element. And we will see how we can use the state and how to create JSX elements and Form elements.

Later on, we will see how we can use EF Core for CRUD operations. So, we hope to see you on this course ;)

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