R: Learn to Program in R & Use R for Effective Data Analysis


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Paid course
6 hours
27 lessons
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ATI - Analytics Training Institute
  • In this course,you will learn to implement Data Manipulation , Data management and Textual Analytics Basics through R


Go deeper into Data Analysis. Learn R—Google & Facebook employees use it to do data manipulation and management.

This course is about learning R Tool which is one of the most popular Analytical Tool used in the Industry.

Why learning R will make a difference / Why this Course ?

- Professional Relevance :

R is gaining popularity day by day ; companies like Facebook, Google are using R in extensive manner. Demand for the tool is increasing as it is available for free.

- Put your Resume in spotlight :

In most of the Data Analyst Resume you will find SAS/SPSS and other conventional tools ; by learning R you can add extra points to your Resume.

- Its easy to Learn R :

R is an opensource language ; it is available for free. Huge R community is adding to the functionality of R daily . All the tutorials/code are easily available.

Materials Included :

- Materials in the form of attachments are included with the session itself ( wherever necessary)

Structure of the course :

The course has 5 sections with 15 lectures. It is designed to introduce you to foundational topics leading to more complex ones as you progress.

Section 1: Know your R Tool

Section 2: Data Manipulation : Use of Data types and Data structures

Section 3: Data Management : Packages and File import/export

Section 4: Advance Use : Logical operation and Merging in R

Section 5: Text Analytics Project : Learn how to create wordcloud

Duration of the course :

The course has 5 sections with 15 lectures and the overall duration of the course is 2.5 hours.

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