Quasar V1: Weather App for Mobile, Desktop & Web (Vue JS 2)


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Paid course
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2 hours
65 lessons
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Danny Connell
  • How to create a beautiful, cross-platform weather app for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows & Web using Qusasar Framework V2 & Vue JS 2
  • How to get the user's location on all devices
  • How to create Icons & Splashscreens for all devices
  • How to launch the app for development on Mac, Windows, iOS & Android
  • How to setup simulators for iOS & Android
  • How to debug your app on all platforms
  • How to launch & debug the app on Real iOS & Android devices
  • A quick introduction to creating Cross-Platform apps with Vue JS & Quasar Framework


Use Quasar V1 & Vue JS 2 to create a Beautiful, Cross-Platform Weather App for Web, iOS, Android, Mac & Windows

In this short course, I'll show you how to use Quasar Framework V1 & Vue JS 2 to create a gorgeous Weather App from scratch - and get it running and working on 5 different platforms - Web, iOS, Android, Mac & Windows.

YES! We'll be creating real apps that can be deployed to all of the various App Stores!

In this app we can get the user's location and display the weather where they are (using the OpenWeatherMap API) all within a beautifully designed layout.

We can also search for a location using the Search Bar.

We will display a different background, depending on whether is daytime or nighttime in the current location.

We'll create beautiful Icons & Splashscreens for all the different devices using Quasar Framework's incredible IconGenie CLI tool.

We'll setup Simulators for testing on Android & iOS.

And we'll setup a Virtual Machine using Virtualbox for testing on Windows (when developing on a Mac computer).

We'll even get the app running on Real iOS & Android devices. Yes! REAL iOS & Android devices!

If you want a quick introduction to creating Cross-Platform Apps using Vue JS 2 (and Quasar V1), then this is the course for you.

NOTE: This course is for Quasar V1 (with Vue 2). Quasar V2 (with Vue 3) is not covered in this course.

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