Quant Finance Essentials using Python C++ & MATLAB


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Dr. Spyros Giannelos .
  • This is a course that provides some fundamental coding tutorials especially for those aiming for a Quant career.
  • The coding practices are focused on Matlab and on C++
  • Understand what Stochastic Optimization is, and specifically what scenarios are and what is "uncertainty" and sources of uncertainty.
  • Understand the different levels of Uncertainty
  • Implement Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Model the histograms of different distributions


Discover the Probabilistic Applications behind Quant Finance, by building your own.


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We are looking at some fundamental coding tutorials especially for those aiming for a Quant career in Finance since these are topics that frequently come up. Since these topics come up often, we are looking at them, not through theory, but through practice.

------ Specifically, frequently ignored topics are addressed in this course. We avoid theory and jump straight into application. And, essentially, we learn by doing.

------ We are using Matlab and C++.  Python will be added later (the course is constantly being upgraded).

-----  Probability quizzes are based on understanding what probability is. And how it can be calculated in pratice.

The probabilities are calculated in a simple way and - most of all - intuition comes first.

-----  Both Matlab and C++ are fundamental skills for many career paths. But these languages are huge , so it is much better to focus on specific applications, instead of learning them from scratch. One can only remember as much!

We are learning the software FICO Xpress Optimization;

This enables you to implement quickly the new material . We will learn how to do all this from scratch.

So let's delve into the course.

We go step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you the fundamental concepts that you need for your career journey.

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