Python Programming in 5 Hours


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Paid course
5 hours
104 lessons
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Mahmud Ahsan
  • Computer programming with Python
  • Fundamentals of how programming works
  • Data Types, Operators and Strings
  • Collection Types: Tuple, List, Dictionary to store data
  • Function and Lambda to reuse code
  • Object Oriented Programming with Classes
  • Modules, namespace and libraries
  • Test Driven Development by Unit Test
  • Understand complex topics like Decorator
  • How to write code in Visual Studio Code editor and PyCharm IDE
  • How to use Mac Terminal and Windows Powershell
  • Files Input and Output including JSON, CSV and Binary
  • Web Scraping
  • SQLite Database Connectivity


The Ultimate Python Course helps you to Master Python 3 Programming fast. [ Python 3.8 Updated ]

The course is updated and added new materials in 2020.

Python is one of the popular and beginner-friendly computer programming languages in the world.

It is everywhere. Using the Python programming language, you can develop a backend web application. You can use Python language in data science including machine learning, deep learning. We can also use Python in data analysis, data visualization and different kind of scripting. Python is also very popular in web scraping project where a program automatically collects data from various websites.

I carefully crafted this course to help anyone, who wants to be a computer programmer as fast as possible. The goal of this Python programming course for absolute beginners is to speed up someone who never wrote any computer programming code but wants to be a computer programmer very fast.

If you have other computer programming experiences like JavaScript, Java, C++, C#, PHP or Ruby, you will learn Python much faster by following my course. This course is designed for any age of people who never programmed in Python before.

This Python course started from setup in both mac and in windows. You will also learn about various way to run Python programming code. You can run in Python-specific IDE like PyCharm or you can learn how to use Visual Studio code editor and mac terminal and windows Powershell to run Python code.

Next, you will see the variables, the fundamental concept of Python programming where you can store data. You will also learn about how different kind of operators works in Python. Then you will learn about String, making decision-based on data, iterating part of code and some collection.

I will teach you, how to define list or array, how to use them. How to use Tuple and Dictionary, two important collection type in Python. You will also learn about the unit of a python program like function and how to use it. You will learn the inline function called Lambda in Python.

Then I will teach you, Object-oriented programming or in short OOP in Python. Using this concept you can create reusable code. You will also learn about the modules and some important packages in Python. I will not stop here, I will teach you about how to handle runtime programming error in Python by using Exception Handling.

In the advanced section, you will learn files input and output operation, CSV and JSON file parsing. You will also run about Python-based regular expression. Finally, I will teach you test-driven development by unit testing in Python, Decorator, and Closure. You will also see some tutorials linked at the end.

Don’t waste your precious time

This 5-hour python course is the shortest and elegant programming course published on Udemy. I personally do not like to watch the long, boring video tutorial. I like to know the specific thing in the right way.

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By the end of this course, you'll understand:

  • Fundamental of Computer Programming using Python

  • Advanced and Modern Python Features

  • Object-Oriented Programming using Python

  • Collection types like list, dictionary and how to use them

  • The Clear understanding of Modules and Package

  • How to handle error in Programming

  • How to use Regular Expression

  • Test-Driven Development by Unit Testing

  • Decorator and Closure concept in programming

  • By solving coding challenges in the curricular you will boost your confidence

So don't waste your time by overthinking and Let's enroll in my course. I will be more than happy to guide you in this journey!

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