Python Programming Bootcamp 2021 | Master Python Programming


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
14 hours
189 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Sundar Balamurugan
  • Basics Of Python
  • Concept Of Object Oriented Programming In Python
  • Understand How Python Programming Works
  • Sound knowledge about OOPS concepts in python
  • Deep knowledge on Working With Python
  • Understanding Syntax, Variables, Keywords and how to use them in python
  • Knowledge about conditional and looping statements
  • Knowledge on built in functions like map, reduce etc.
  • Basic operations using Opencv
  • Basics of Numpy
  • Connecting to database using python
  • Able to perform web scrapping using requests module in python
  • Deep Knowledge on how a python program works
  • Understanding Python Modules and how to use it


Become A Certified Python Developer And Master The Fundamentals.

In this course you will have a deep understanding of python and other topics related to it.   You will learn everything from scratch and implement it practically in the course. Here's a list of topics you will be learning.

  • Initial Setup

  • Executing a python program

  • Simple python programming  concepts

  • Data types

  • Collection Datatypes

  • Operators

  • Conditional Statement

  • looping Statement

  • Functions

  • Built In module

  • Advanced Python modules

  • Built in functions

  • Classes And Objects

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Pickles

  • JSON

  • Database

  • File operations

  • Zip

  • Advanced Python operations

  • Graphical User Interface

  • Web scrapping

                            After learning all the above topics in python we will learn how to implement them in projects. We will use in the following projects

    • Calculator

    • Alarm Clock / Reminder

    • Secured Password Protection

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