Python + Machine Learning Bootcamp 2021


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Paid course
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9 hours
67 lessons
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Usman Raoof
  • Students have the knowledge of python basics and some advance things.
  • Student will learn each and everything by practicing the code.
  • Student will have the access to the practice files at the start of the course. So you don't need to waste the time on writing the code again.
  • Student will learn how to handle the images by using python.
  • At the end we will build some programs that are really useful.


2021 Python For Beginners | Machine Learning | Handling Images | Real world programs | Data Scraping | Data Science |

In this course you are going to learn python by coding examples. Python is the most emerging programming language in the world. It is use for web and software development. It have a lot of things that you can't consider in other programming languages. You will learn each and everything by coding the programs. Anyone can take this course who want to learn python programming language. You don't need to know anything before starting this course. All the lectures are video lectures and I have also provide the practice files that i have code during making of this course.So you don't need to write the code again. You can download these files. It have 9 hours of video content.So you can watch the videos and practice the code.

I have teach the python in easy way.First of all you will learn the python basics and then i will teach some advance stuff. In advance stuff, you will learn how to handle the images and how to perform different operations on images and some other advance things. Then we will build some practical applications that are really will get a lot of knowledge about python from this course.

If you will face any problem during learning course or practicing code. You will be able to ask question in discussion. I will answer your all question. Beside that if you will face any problem in python language at your college or school. You can discuss it. I will solve it. For example if you can't find the bug or error in your code you will be able to add code in discussion and i will find error and your code will work.If you will ask any question 100 times i will answer that question 100 times.If you will not be satisfied with the course you will have the option to refund your money in 30 days and no question will be asked. 

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