Python GUI Programming : Create 9 Desktop Applications


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7 hours
85 lessons
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Bluelime Learning Solutions
  • Setup Python Development Environment
  • Create Python Files
  • Import Modules
  • Create Classes and Methods
  • Create and activate virtual environments
  • Create app to convert feet to meters
  • Create app to download YouTube Videos
  • Create app to convert MP4 Videos to MP3 Audios
  • Create app to calculate Tips
  • Create Image Slider
  • Create Currency Converter
  • Create a Loan Calculator
  • Create app to play MP3 Audio Files


Create Practical and useful Desktop Application with Python step by step. Source Code for all projects included.

Python is a dynamic modern object -oriented programming language that is easy to learn and can be used to do a lot of things both big and small. Python is what is referred to as a high level language. That means it is a language that is closer to humans than computer.It is also known as a general purpose programming language due to it's flexibility.

In this course,you  learn the basics of  graphical user interface (GUI) programming. The primary GUI toolkit we will be using is Tk, Python’s default  GUI. We’ll access Tk from its Python interface called Tkinter (short for “Tk interface”).Tkinter is Python’s default GUI library Python, along with Tkinter, provides a fast and exciting way to build useful applications

Once you have designed the application and the look and feel that goes along with your program, you will use basic building blocks known as widgets to piece together the desired.

Python is object -oriented means it regards everything as an object. An object in the real world could be a person or a car.

Python is an interpreted language that does not need to be complied like for example java programming language.

It is interpreted and run on the fly the same time.

Python has been used in a lot of places like in creating games, for statistical data and visualisation,speech and face recognition.

Some of the biggest websites on this planet earth use python

in one way or another. Examples include:

  • Google

  • Youtube

  • Facebook

  • Nasa

  • Disney

  • Pixar

  • Reddit

  • Pinterest

  • Instagram

  • Spotify

  • Survey Monkey

  • Yahoo Maps

Projects we will create:

  • Basic calculator

  • Currency converter

  • Music Player

  • Loan calculator

  • YouTube Video Downloader

  • Mp4 to MP3 Converter

  • Feet to Meters Conversion App

  • Image Slider

  • Tip Calculator

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