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  • Python Programming Fundamental For Students


Programming Concept for high School Students

Welcome to Python Crash Course! In this course we will learn about python fundamental and object oriented programming (python). Let’s discuss why you will learn python and why this course will best for you?

PYTHON is one of the most popular languages for present-time and future also. Python is very beginner- friendly language. If you have no idea about any programming languages, Python will be the best option to start. Python is called multi-purpose language for its use. People use it in every sector. Its syntax is very easy than other programming language and easy to learn. People use python in

• Web Development

• Game Development

• Software Development

• Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

• Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

• Data Science and Data Visualization

• Web Scraping Applications

• CAD Applications

• Embedded Applications

But the good news is python is one of the easiest programming languages in world. It is mostly similar to English and very easy to learn. So the future programmers! I hope we all are ready to jump in the world of programming!

What you will Learn.

• You will get every video’s lecture sheet! So, no way to miss a single part of course.

• Explained every part very friendly and provided extra resources for practice.

• Provided source code of every part.

So, let’s start a happy journey with The Apps Firm! We will see in next video!

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