Python Foundation - Quick Jump Start for Programmers


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
5 hours
57 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Prashant Kumar Pandey
  • Learn Python 3 Programming Language
  • Working with Python Types and Data Structures
  • Working with Python Sequences and Advanced Data Types
  • Python Control Structures and Loops
  • Python Functions and Lambda
  • Exception Handling
  • Objects and Classes
  • Packages and Modules
  • More than 100 coding exercises
  • Python Coding Project


Quick Jumpstart Python Language course for experienced programmers

About the Course

Python is a programming language.

Learning a programming language goes into four parts.

1. Learn

2. Practice Exercises

3. Coding Challenge

4. Project Challange

We designed this course in the same way. The first step is to learn the language and features.

I will cover this part using video lectures to explain the concepts and show you some working examples.

All you need to do is to sit relaxed and observe the videos.

The second part is to practice what you learned.

I will also include a set of simple practice exercises.

You might see some practice exercises in the middle of the section, or at the end.

These exercises will be super simple, and they will help you practice and play with what you learned in the given section.

The third part is to solve some complex coding challenges.

These are again exercises which I will include as a separate section.

You will get these challenges after you finish 2-3 sections and reach a logical level of your learning.

These challenges will present you with a random problem combining everything that you learned in the previous sections.

They will be a little tough and tricky, but they will help you scale your knowledge to the next level.

The fourth and final step is to solve a more significant problem by applying everything you learned in this course.

You can call it a micro-project. The micro-project problem statement and the expectation are included as the last thing of this course.

The micro-project allows you to apply all that you learned in this course and solve a business problem.

Nothing to worry about. You will also have access to one or more solutions for every given exercise and the micro-project.

You can try solving the given problems, and if you feel stuck, you can refer to the solution and other related material.

However, we recommend that you give an honest try to do the exercises and referring to the solution should be the last thing.

Looking forward to seeing you in the course.

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