Python for Data Science and Machine Learning beginners


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
8 hours
64 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Jay Bhatt
  • Implement Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Use python for Data science and Machine Learning
  • Use Numpy and multidimensional array operations
  • Do exploratory Data analysis with pandas profiling
  • Create complex visualization with matplotlib and plotly
  • Use Scikit-learn for Machine Learning Task
  • Linear Regression
  • Random Forest and Decision Tree
  • Statistics For Data Science and Machine Learning


A Complete Machine learning Bootcamp learn Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Stats, Plotly , EDA , Scikit-learn and more!

Hi all Its Jay I am a data scientist by profession and Instructor by passion I have around 4 years of experience as data scientist,  I started my career as analyst as gradually moved to data scientist hence  I can understand what are programming prerequisites for data scientist. This course is created for absolute beginners of data science and machine learning.  It covers all aspect of python languages required in data science machine learning and deep learning.

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