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  • You will cover the key topics every beginner should master. Topics include Basics of python, functional programming, selection, iteration, recursion, data abstraction, higher order procedures, abstract data types, exception handling, file handling and object oriented programming.
  • You will gain the fundamentals of programming.


Learn the key concepts needed to begin your coding journey with Python.

This course covers the key topics every beginner should master. This will allow students to have a strong foundation in Python programming. The topics covered in this course include:

1. Introduction to Python

2.  Basic principles of Python with Data Types, Variables, Keyword and Variable names, and Operators

3. Functional Programming

4. Selection with If Statements, If-else Statements, and If-elif Statements

5. Iteration with While and For loops

6. Recursion

7. Data Abstraction with List, Tuples, and Dictionaries

8. High Order Procedures

9. Abstract Data Types

10. Exception Handling in Python

11. File Handling in Python

12. Object-Oriented Programming in Python


This course is quick, affordable, and offers high-quality video lectures and course materials such as exercises and sample code. With that said, students will be engaged throughout the duration of this course. Also, You will not only learn how to code in python but you will gain the fundamentals of programming.  This is essential when learning new languages and adapting to new tasks.

So, go register for this course to embark on your coding journey with Python!

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