Python Developer Bootcamp in 2021 - Beginner to Expert


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Paid course
All Levels
82 hours
502 lessons
Available on completion
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Muslim Helalee
  • You will gain job ready skills in Python, Database Development, Full-stack Web Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Scraping & GUI Development
  • Learn Python from beginner to expert level
  • Code along with many hundreds of examples to strengthen basic, intermediate and advanced concepts
  • Learn the cutting edge features of Python
  • Practice Python with more than 150 exercises
  • Master SQL to connect databases to Python applications
  • Learn HTML5
  • Learn CSS3
  • Create 2 fully-fledged real-world full-stack web applications with Flask
  • Create 2 fully-fledged real-world full-stack web applications with Django
  • Learn data analysis & manipulation for Data Science with Pandas
  • Learn data computation for Data Science with NumPy
  • Learn data visualization for Data Science with Matplotlib
  • Create Machine Learning Models with Scikit-learn
  • Scrape websites with Beautiful Soup & Scrapy Spiders
  • Learn to create graphical user interfaces


Master Python in this Gigantic Bootcamp along with SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Flask, Django, Data Science, Machine Learning & GUI

Welcome to the most Comprehensive Python Bootcamp on the planet. This Bootcamp will ensure that you will gain job ready skills. There are so many different and diverse set of technologies that are covered in this Bootcamp.

You will learn and master:

  • Python

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Error Handling

  • Python Standard Library

  • Python Package Index

  • Structured Query language (SQL)

  • Database Development with MySQL DBMS

  • Database Development with SQLite DBMS

  • Database Development with PostgreSQL DBMS

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Creating Full-stack Web Applications with Flask

  • Creating Full-stack Web Applications with Django

  • Data Analysis & manipulation with Pandas for Data Science

  • Data Computation & Analysis with NumPy for Data Science

  • Data Visualization with Matplotlib for Data Science

  • Scikit-learn for Creating Machine Learning Models

  • Beautiful Soup for Web Scraping

  • Scrapy Spiders for Web Scraping

  • GUI App Development with Tkinter

All of the above skills are covered meticulously in the Bootcamp through many hundreds of examples and more than 150 exercises. The content of this Bootcamp is created with the aspect of getting job ready skills in mind and all the sections are accompanied with real-world tips and tricks on how to succeed in your career.

This gigantic Bootcamp has more than 80 hours of content and there are 12 courses bundled into this Bootcamp. These courses harmoniously build on top of each other to give you an uninterrupted and smooth learning experience. Another phenomenal feature of this Bootcamp is its real-world orientation. Also, the emphasis has been put on LEARNING BY DOING. Each individual section contains 10s of examples to account for all the corner cases and application bugs are debugged in real time.

With ever evolving technologies, this Bootcamp will also receive updates to make it as dynamic as possible.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join me in this Bootcamp and Gain Skills that will last a lifetime

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