Python & Cryptocurrency Trading: Build 8 Python Apps (2020)


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5 hours
55 lessons
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Bordeianu Adrian
  • Master CoinMarketCap and Binance APIs
  • Become a Python programmer able to independently develop applications in Python 3.
  • Build your own Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Trading Bot with Python
  • How to create an real time data analyzer
  • How to Create a Batch File to Run Python Script
  • How to Run Python Scripts in background
  • How to parse JSON text and format data


Build 8 real world cryptocurrency applications using live cryptocurrency data from CoinMarketCap & Binace APIs

If you are interested in cryptocurrency and you want to learn python, this course is perfect  for you. Take your Python skills to the next level by creating 8 cryptocurrency applications.

Source code for all applications is included in course documentation.

Project 1:  CoinMarketCap 'Clone'

This application will get all the data from CoinMarketCap and display the result in a PrettyTable.

Project 2: Cryptocurrency Top 100 Ranker

Allows you to filter all the cryptocurrencies available on CoinMarketCap and it will display the top 100.

Project 3: Write Data to Excel File

Store cryptocurrency information inside of excel workbooks using Python. 

Project 4: Portfolio Calculator

This program will help you keep track on you cryptocurrency profit. It calculates profit for each cryptocurrency, profit for total portfolio and others.

Project 5: Cryptocurrency Price Alert

You can set a price above and a price below and the computer will speak to you for exemple: "Bitcoin price is 8000" or  "Bitcoin price dropped 6000", also you can run this program in the background.

Project 6: Cryptocurrency Data Analyzer

Create your own cryptoccurency ranking algorithm. You can rank cryptoccurency based on your preferences and view the results in a sorted order. For exemple you can take into consideration the change in the last 2 min, last day, week, month and even year. Or based on volume, number of orders, moving averages and many other parameters. There are dozens of APIs with real time cryptoccurency data available on CoinMarketCap  and Binance.

For Projects 7, 8 You Will Need to Have an Binance Account and Python 2.

Project 7: Pump & Dump Trading Bot

We are going to build step by step an simple Pump & Dump Trading Bot for Binance exchange. Do not use it with real money, only for educational purposes.

Project 8: Binance HotKeys Program

Trade cryptocurrencies at the press of a button.

This program is available in the documentation of this course and it has about 300 rows of code that's why we are not going to write it and I am only going to explain you how it works . Do not use it with real money, only for educational purposes.

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