Python: Coding Guideline, Tooling, Unit Testing and Packages


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Course overview

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Paid course
5 hours
38 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Jan Schaffranek
  • The Coding guidelines and good practice programming (PEP8)
  • Tooling with Pylint, Flake8, Autopep8, Black etc.
  • Type Annotations and Mypy
  • The usage of Debugging, Profiling, Timing and Unit Testing
  • The creation of own Python packages
  • The creation of a modern HTML documentation
  • The usage of continouos integration tools


Step ahead in your Python career and learn about PEP8, Unit-Testing (TDD), Type Annotations and Python Packaging.

Course description:

The course covers intermediate and advanced Python programming techniques.
This means that the course is not intended for programming beginners.
However, you do not have to be a senior software engineer, you just should know about the basics in Python.


❗ Variables and primitive data types
❗ Boolean logic and conditions/comparisons 
❗ Wiriting own and using extern functions and classes
❗ Working with pip and external packages (importing)
❗ Python installed on your computer (for example with Anaconda)

The Course covers the following Topics:

☑️ Creating a Python environment tailored for the course (virtualenv or anaconda env)
☑️ Installing and setting up the most used Python IDE: Visual Studio Code (vscode)
☑️ The coding guidelines and good practice programming (PEP8)  
☑️ The usage of Pylint, Flake8, Autopep8, Black and Pydocstyle
☑️ Different docstring styles for your code (sphinx, numpy and google)
☑️ The usage of type annotations and the static type checker MyPy
☑️ The usage of debugging, profiling, execution time measuring (timing) and unit testing (TDD)
☑️ The creation of own Python packages that can be uploaded to PyPi
☑️ The creation of a modern HTML documentation with mkdocs and google docstrings 
☑️ The usage of continouos integration tools (github actions for testing and codedoc)

Step ahead in your Python career an join this course!
I hope will see you there ✌

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