Python Automation Testing With Pytest


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  • Test execution and Reporting with Pytest framework
  • Building a easy test automation framework
  • End to End Test automation with Python Pytest
  • Python Testing with Pytest


Complete Python Pytest Course | Master Pytest for Test Automation

Hi! Welcome to Python Automtion Testing With Pytest!

This course will help you master automation testing with Pytest framework. Pytest is a testing framework which allows us to write test codes using python. We can write code to test anything in any environment, like database, API, and even GUI if you want. It is a simple framework to learn, just like python.

In this course, we will be go through all topics of Python Pytest framework and it assumes that you have minimal prior experience with Python coding.

We will learn everything about Pytest that will help us build a test automation framework easily. We will cover all important aspects of pytest and also how automation is done in real test environment.

Some of topics are highlighted below, we will go thru all of this and more:

Test Naming, and Test discovery

Different types of Assertions

Skipping tests and markers

Parametrized or data driven testing

Fixtures - one of the interesting topics in pytest

Passing cmd line args in pytest

Running tests in Jenkins- the CI/CD server

Thank you and see you in this course!!!

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Python Automation Testing With Pytest
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