Python 3000: Tactical File I/O


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Randall Nagy
  • Learn how to create & save meaningful reports.
  • Discover how to simultaneously print to the screen, as well as to a file.
  • Practice creating data files that can be opened & edited by other applications
  • Learn the secret of Google's success by discovering how to index popular data formats, as well as binary files.
  • Lean how to use Python to quickly export & import data from several popular data formats.


Techniques, Technologies and More Programming Topics

Once we have learned any programming language, the next task is to become familiar with the most common activities required to get our jobs done.   Saving data to files is often an important part of any significant data processing activity.  In this training opportunity, we will begin by discovering how to simply and quickly print what we have created to files on our local hard drive. 

In this session we will review how to save data into several classic & ever-popular data formats. 

Finally, we will leverage what we have learned so as to be able to tag & keep track of what has been stored in any data-file type. By the time the student has completed this training, the student will know what he or she will need to know in order to manage & track data without using any 3rd party database technology!

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