Python 3 Masterclass step by step with coding exercises.


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
All Levels
18 hours
123 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Shibaji Paul
  • Complete command over Python language.
  • Basics of Python
  • Control structures - loops, if-elif-else, break, continue
  • Writing functions in Python, understanding Parameters
  • string
  • List
  • Set
  • Dictionary
  • tuple
  • random module
  • Exception handling using try-except block.
  • Command line arguments
  • File handling in detail including reading and writing of csv files using csv module
  • Class, Objects, magic methods.


Learn Python 3 from basics to advance level-hands on with Coding Exercises-become a Python pro in a week.

This course will help you to learn Python 3 step by step from beginning to expert level. Undoubtedly, Python is the most in-demand language. It is used for Data Science and analytics, Machine Learning, Web Programming.

This course aims to teach the Python language in dept to the students, the instructor explains everything from grounds up so that student could learn the basics with programming along with the Python language.

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Python 3 Masterclass step by step with coding exercises.
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