Python 3 - Learn the Basics and Go Pro


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5 hours
81 lessons
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novfrost tech
  • Create solutions and apply python coding to many computer science areas
  • Python Programming, from basics to complex topics
  • Learn how to use Jupyter Notebooks
  • Python Data Types, Structures and Control Flow Statements
  • Learn how to work with built in modules and packages
  • Apply concepts and learn Object Oriented Programming
  • How to install Python in Windows, Mac & Linux


An easy way to learn Python and start coding right away!

Become a Pro Developer in Python, the most demanded programming language of 2019!

In this course we are going to cover the most important aspects of Python, from declaring a simple variable to work with built it libraries and more.

The goal of this course is to take you step by step trough the concepts of Python, so in the end you are capable of creating your own programs and continue your specialization in more complex areas such as Machine Learning or Big Data.

Our journey begins with a very quick history of Python, how to install it in Windows, Mac or Linux and everything is hands on from there.

You can have very basic knowledge of Python or not at all, this course will help you understand how to code your programs, how to run them and even how to test them.

This course has a little more than 80 lectures, so you can have a great and quick understanding of the program, with out needing to invest months to learn.

All the programming lectures have a Notebook for you to test your skills, and this Notebooks can be dowloaded from this course. You will have lifetime access to all the Lessons and support in the Forum Section for all your questions or comments.

  • What you'll learn here?

  • Python Interpreter

  • Installing Python

  • Virtual Environments with Anaconda

  • Numbers, Strings and Lists

  • Sets

  • Arrays, Dictionaries and Tuples

  • If, While and For Statements

  • Try - Except

  • Exceptions in Python

  • Functions

  • Lambda Functions

  • Looping Techniques

  • Modules

  • Built In Modules

  • Packages

  • Files

  • Classes

  • Inheritance

  • And much more....

  • This course has a 30-day Guarantee.

    Hoping you to enjoy this course! And always keep learning!

    .- novfrost

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