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Paid course
All Levels
17 hours
113 lessons
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Kris Yamarthy
  • Programming in Python with real confidence.
  • Crystal clear understanding of all Python core concepts.
  • Playing with Python Objects: Numbers, Strings, Booleans, Lists, Tuples, Sets and Dictionary objects.
  • Writing Python functions, Iterators and generator functions.
  • Manipulation of File Objects: Reading and Writing of Text and Binary Files.
  • Creation of Python Classes and Objects and working with modules.
  • Relational Database handling with Python using Sqlite3
  • Working with Arrays and multi dimensional arrays using NumPy module.
  • Skill with Series and DataFrame Objects of Pandas module.


Learn Regular Expressions, NumPy, Pandas, OOP and Database programming in addition to basic Python.

Learn Python Programming Today!

Last update: December 2019.

Python 101 is a comprehensive course covering all core concepts of Python starting from scratch. It also covers using Python with databases, multi-dimensional arrays with NumPy module and Series and DataFrames using the Pandas module.

All the lectures are taught with lots of practical examples using iPython notebooks. The course consists of over 110 lectures and 17 hours of video classes. All sections include downloadable practice code and quizzes.

The course is constantly updated with new topics.

This is an all-level course. Good for both fresh programmers and also to experienced programmers working with other languages.

Here are some important topics of this course:

  • Python and iPython Notebook installation.

  • Basics of Python Objects like Strings, Numbers, Booleans, Container Objects, Operators,    Operator precedence and associativity rules.

  • Conditionals & Loops.

  • String Objects.

  • List Objects

  • Tuples, Sets, and Dictionaries.

  • Functions, Iterators, and Generators.

  • Python Classes & Objects.

  • File Handling.

  • Modules

  • Exceptions Handling.

  • Database Programming with Python.

  • Regular Expressions.

  • Arrays with NumPy Module

  • Series and DataFrames with the Pandas module.

  • Quick Review.

The Course is available to you forever on Udemy. and you can learn at your own pace. one can easily complete the course in a week's time, by spending a couple of hours a day.

Thank You.

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