Publish Games on Android, iTunes, and Google Play with UE4


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Paid course
2 hours
12 lessons
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3dmotive LLC
  • How to package your Unreal game for iOS and Android
  • How to set up your game on Google Play
  • How to set up you game on Apple iTunes Connect
  • Learn to work with common issues in getting your game working on mobile


Understand the Complete Process to Publish Games and Apps with UE4!

This lesson summarizes all that I have learned from my experience in publishing our first mobile game so your experience in making your own mobile game will go more smoothly. In this lesson, I’ll show you some of the issues I had building a game on mobile. We will discuss things like limitations in joint count, polygon count, and shader complexity. Then we will go through the process of setting up Unreal for developing for Android. We’ll show how to install the correct Android SDK for Unreal and how to move from development to deployment. We’ll upload our game to the Google Play store and set up things like achievements, leaderboard, and in-app purchases. From there we’ll port our project over to the Mac using Mac-In-Cloud, get our mobile provisioning profiles from the Apple Developer site, and upload our game to iTunes Connect.

More about the Instructor:

Chad Morgan started his career at LucasArts where, as a newbie to the industry, was fortunate enough to work with some very talented mentors who taught him how to use Maya. Ever since then, Chad has been trying to pay it forward by sharing what he has learned, first by giving lectures at Autodesk Master Classes, then publishing an article in #d world Magazine, posting tutorials on YouTube, and finally teaming up with 3dmotive. Chad Morgan currently lives in Lake Forest, CA with his wife Carol and his son Xander.

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