Projects in Django and Python


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Eduonix Learning Solutions
  • Master Python Syntax and Concepts
  • Master DJnago and web programming concepts
  • Create Web Applications using Python and Django


Learn Web Programming in Django and Python Building Projects and Websites

Python is arguably the easiest language to start real programming and Django is the most popular web framework for Python. Together they form a deadly combination which helps you build smart web applications quickly and elegantly. Its ease of use and quick development turnaround has made these technologies a darling of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs.

Our content team has weaved together a course which will not only help you master Python and Django concepts but will add real world practical expertise to your knowledge. You will learn the mechanism and tricks to get your ideas to life while working on diverse projects such as E commerce sites , Message Boards, Image Gallery Site, Survey Site and Blogging App.

Our course is one of its kind and its completely unique offering is aimed towards working professionals and beginners alike. So get started and have fun learning these amazing technologies.

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