Project-Based SwiftUI Course: Develop 12 Apps for iOS


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
7 hours
102 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Swift Starter Kit
  • Swift 5 Programming
  • iOS 14 App Development
  • SwiftUI 2.0 Framework
  • Xcode 12 IDE
  • Constants and Variables
  • Functions
  • Structs and Classes
  • If-Else Statements
  • Timers
  • Closures
  • Switch-Case Statements
  • Enumerators
  • If-Let & Guard-Let
  • Do, Try & Catch Blocks
  • @StateObject
  • @EnvironmentObject
  • @State
  • @Binding


Build 12 iOS Apps from scratch & learn the basics of Swift, iOS Development in Xcode, and SwiftUI

Learning iOS development and creating compelling apps can become a comfortable and enjoyable endeavour with the right course. iOS 14, Swift 5 & SwiftUI - The  iOS Development Starter Kit is dedicated to creating the best possible learning experience with that in mind.

My name is Pao, the founder of Swift Starter Kit and your lead instructor for this course. You will learn how to build and deploy basic iOS apps from scratch using the latest and greatest in the Swift Programming language and the SwiftUI framework.

This course is for beginner-level developers who want to develop their own apps for the Apple ecosystem, primarily iOS and iPadOS. However, the skills you will gain from this course can also be used to create apps for macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. This course will focus primarily on development for iOS. You will learn everything about Apple app development and the Swift programming language from the ground up. No previous programming experience is necessary.

So what is the course all about? It’s about achieving three key things:

1. Learn the foundations of Programming with Swift, no experience needed

The first thing that you will learn is the foundations of programming using Swift. You will not need to know any programming concepts beforehand, but it will certainly help. I will be taking you from the installation of the Xcode IDE up until getting your apps running on a real device, and everything in between.

2. Learn SwiftUI, Apple’s native UI development framework

The second thing that you will achieve is learning how to use the SwiftUI framework. We will discuss this in more detail in the next lesson. Still, you should know that this course mainly focuses on SwiftUI, a new declarative framework for creating user interfaces built on top of the Swift programming language.

3. Build and Deploy iOS Apps from Scratch, specially tailored for beginner developers

The third thing you will achieve is creating 12 beginner-friendly apps that will teach you all the essentials of swift programming and Xcode app development. By the end of this course, you will have had seven apps that you can open and use on your iOS device. You can use these apps as a foundation of knowledge for building even more complex and robust apps.

So, why take this particular course?

1. A Project-Based Approach

This course tackles learning programming concepts through a project-based approach. This means you learn everything you need to know by creating projects in the form of apps. These projects are neatly organized to provide you with the best sequence to learn programming and app development.

2. Contextual Learning

This course also relies heavily on contextual learning, which means concepts are introduced when we need to use them. The power of contextual learning is in introducing the “why” of each idea, allowing you to better understand the reasons behind the lines of code and why we are using them. This reduces the need for long lectures and makes programming concepts much easier to understand and remember.

3. Hands-On Coding

Finally, this course is not just going to be pure theory, but instead will focus on getting your hands dirty in a very hands-on approach. You will learn programming and app development by creating and coding things with your own hands and developing your skills at an accelerated rate in the process.

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