Programming with Python


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Course overview

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Paid course
All Levels
18 hours
130 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Zak Ruvalcaba
  • Define what Python is and how to install the necessary software including Eclipse and Python
  • Understand the fundamentals of the Python programming language
  • Work with control statements including loops and conditionals
  • Break out code into reusable functions and modules
  • Work with strings, numbers, dates, and times
  • Use data structures such as lists, tuples, and dictionaries
  • Read and write to text and CSV files with file I/O concepts
  • Pickle and unpickle binary data
  • Create, rename, and delete folders and directories with file OS
  • Handle exceptions


Python is a powerful and versatile programming language used in a variety of applications including web, desktop, & more

It's not often that you get to use a language as powerful and as versatile as Python. Python is a great language for writing web applications, cross-platform desktop applications, Artificial Intelligence software, shell scripts, perform scientific computation, and even create home automation software. To master these skills, you'll need a solid understanding of the Python language. In this course, Programming with Python, you'll start by learning the fundamentals of the language before venturing out to learn more advanced concepts like working with functions, modules, strings, numbers, dates and times, data structures, control statements, and much more. When you are finished with this course, you'll have a solid foundation to go out and build your own applications using Python.

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