Programming for Kids and Beginners


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
2 hours
59 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Guyverson Vernous
  • Explore JavaScript, a popular programming language.
  • Create fun and colorful apps and games.
  • Learn to interact with computers with code.
  • Dive into the core concepts of computer science.
  • Discover the fundamentals of programming languages.


Designed by Educode Academy, this course is ideal for kids and beginners, teachers, parents, coding camp instructors

NOTE: This series of popular programming courses by EduCode Academy is favored by countless K-12 teachers and schools in the US and Canada. You can get free access to various coding projects on the EduCode platform through an EduCode account from your school. Ask your teachers or parents to get started.

Bring your imagination to life through a powerful programming language, Javascript. Follow and interact with a charming cast of characters and their stories as you journey through the world of computer science.

Each lesson breaks down the complex parts of programming into simple, bite-sized, real world projects and exercises, so you can learn without feeling overwhelmed. As you progress, you’ll drive a robot through mazes, witness an epic dinosaur battle and create all sorts of awesome applications and games, just with a few simple lines of code!

Are you ready? Let's get coding!

How to access the Code Editor? Please download the pdf document in the Resources folder under the first lesson and follow the steps to access the code editor and real-world coding projects.

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