Object-Oriented Programming with JavaScript


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Paid course
2 hours
29 lessons
Available on completion
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Infinite Skills
  • differentiate how object-oriented programs are built in Javascript versus traditional object-oriented languages.
  • create and run object-oriented programs with JavaScript.


Learn how to work with an object-oriented programming model in one of the web's most popular languages.

JavaScript continues to evolve and have an enormous impact on UI and app development for the web. In this course, you will learn how to write classically object-oriented programs in JavaScript, as well as how to take advantage of prototypal inheritance. This course is designed for users that already have experience with JavaScript. You will start by learning basic object-oriented programming concepts and JavaScript's object model, then jump into learning about scope in JavaScript. From there, Ethan will teach you about classically object-oriented JavaScript, such as object prototypes, the prototype chain, and data hiding. Finally, this training video will cover duck typing and behavior injection.

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