Object Oriented Programming using C++ from Basic to Advanced


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Paid course
10 hours
36 lessons
Available on completion
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Sandeep Soni
  • Master principles of Object Oriented Programming
  • You will be able to comprehend and read C++ source code effortlessly
  • You will be proficient with the concepts of C++
  • Practically apply concepts of Object Orientation using C++ language


Learn OOPS and C++ - Every module feature demonstrated with real-time examples

C++ language is a superset of the ‘C’ language and was initially known as “C with Classes”. In "C" operator ++ is used to increment the value by 1. That means to the language ‘C’, developers have added some extra features and hence named as C++. C++ is a general purpose programming language and supports object oriented programming features.

It is general purpose because it can used to create general systems software, server software, application software, embedded software and also used in creating video games. It is more efficient and fast. It can function both as a high level language and as a middle level language because it supports C & OOPs. It provides many built in features like classes and objects, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

This Course is compiled by Mr. Sandeep Soni, Microsoft Certified Trainer with experience over 21 years.

Mr.Sandeep has worked closely with many IT companies and helped them with their technology resources training needs. He considers this to be the best part of his profession and he enjoys the most because he gets to meet new people; get involved in the ever changing technology needs and provide them with optimum solution to the problems they face in application development. This is how he keeps himself updated with the latest technology in the industry

He is always accessible to all his students anytime for any kind of question they may have. you can send him an email your queries at [email protected]

By the end of this course you should able to

  • Understanding about object oriented programming.

  • Gain knowledge about the capability to store information together in an object.

  • Understand the capability of a class to rely upon another class.

  • Learn how to store one object inside another object

  • Learn use of one method can be used in variety of different ways

  • Understanding the process of exposing the essential data to the outside of the world and hiding the low level data

  • Create and process data in files using file I/O functions

  • Undertsand about constructors which are special type of functions

  • Learn how to write code in a way that it is independent of any particular type

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