.NET/C# Beginners Bootcamp


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
12 hours
145 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Amr Swalha
  • Create ASP(dot)NET Sites
  • Create C# Programs
  • Work with SQL Server Databse
  • Work with Source Control
  • Create Mobile Apps
  • Begin the Journey of becoming a .NET Great Developer!


Learn to develop Websites, Mobile Apps using .NET/C# and Visual Studio

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by and checking out our course. This course is for who wants to start their journey as .NET Developer. The average salary for C#/.NET Developer is $77,563 and C# is considered the 5th most in demand language. You can create almost anything in C# from websites to mobile apps. So, you can work both as a website developer and mobile developer.


This course will take you through the basics of C# language. We will walk you through the most important parts and how to do them. Then, after we finish the basics which is really important so you can develop C# programs effectively we will take you to develop websites using the latest version of ASP.NET.


ASP.NET Core is the latest version of ASP.NET framework for developing websites. ASP.NET comes from a long history and is one of the well-known and widely used frameworks in web development. ASP.NET Core has the ability to run not only on windows platforms, but other platforms as well such as Linux. We will walk you through the beginnings of creating ASP.NET Core sites, how to add pages and pass data. Then we will take you much deeper with how to pass data between controller and view and how to create user accounts and have authorization for the users in on the websites.


Now also, we will teach you how to create databases with SQL Server and how to save and retrieve data from SQL Server. And how to create tables inside SQL Server and how to create Stored Producers.


Not that only, we will teach you how to create Mobile Apps with Xamarin. Xamarin allows you to create Mobile Apps in C# that are cross platform. So, you write the code only once and it will be shared on all the other mobile platforms such as Android, iOS.


Finally, we will also add extra content to help you stay ahead and keep your skills as a .net/C# developer always sharp. Join us now!

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