Mastering JavaScript Arrays


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6 hours
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Steven Hancock
  • Every trick and method for working with arrays.
  • Different ways to create arrays and work with elements.
  • Multiple methods for iterating arrays.
  • Methods for working with array-like data and converting them to arrays.
  • Unique ways to create arrays and access elements.
  • Methods on the array prototype and how to use them.
  • Methods preferred with the functional programming paradigm.
  • Ways to combine arrays and extract values.
  • Multiple ways to search arrays for values.
  • Process of working with Maps and Sets.


Accelerate Your JavaScript Skills by Mastering this Very Important Data Structure

Effectively working with arrays is critical to any JavaScript programmer. Arrays are an important data structure, and this course will provide you with the competency you need to master them.

In this course you are going to learn all there is to know about JavaScript arrays. I start from the beginning, so if you are comfortable with JavaScript, you may want to use the first section as a review or skip it. You will learn the basics of different ways to create an array and work with the elements. You will learn the basics of iterating an array and some unique ways to create arrays and access elements. You will learn all the methods to modify or mutate an array, as well as those methods that are preferred in the functional programming world because they preserve the original array. You will learn how to combine arrays and extract values as well as multiple ways to search arrays for values. We will end with a look at some array-like collections available in JavaScript and how you can use those.

By taking this course:

  • You will feel more comfortable working with arrays in any coding problem you encounter.

  • You will become more familiar with functional methods for working with arrays (reduce, map, filter).

  • You will become familiar with and use all the different methods for manipulating an array in JavaScript.

  • You will be able to work with arrays using different techniques.

If you learn by doing, this course gives you plenty of chances to work on an exercise and then sit back and watch as I go through that exercise. Jump in today and begin mastering JavaScript Arrays!

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