Mastering Java 8 Fundamentals


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Paid course
2 hours
31 lessons
Available on completion
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Matt Speake
  • A sound foundational understanding of the main Java 8 concepts
  • Understand how to use and apply lambda expressions and be able to write your own
  • Be able to use and write functional interfaces and work with them in functional code
  • Understand optionals and the optionals API for guarding against null pointer exceptions
  • Understand the basics of streams and be able to process collections with them by forming a pipeline to map, filter and collect elements
  • Have confidence to be able to read and understand modern functional code written using the Java 8 constructs
  • Appreciate other aspects such as default and static methods, why they're introduced and how they work


Harness the power of the Java 8 platform and functional programming with Java Lambdas, Java Streams and more!

Do you want to learn the fundamentals of the Java 8 programming platform? Would you like to be able to understand how to make use of the latest Java 8 functional programming features? Maybe you're on a new project which is based on Java 8 and you'd like a gentle introduction to how the Java 8 platform hangs together?

Then this course is for you!

I take you from knowing nothing about Java 8, assuming just an intermediate level knowledge of Java, and take you through each concept in the Java 8 platform, step by step, from first principles.

In this course you'll be introduced to and come to understand:

  • What's new in Java 8 (and why you should take notice!)

  • Lambda Expressions (what they are and how to use them)

  • Functional Interfaces (why they're important and what role they play)

  • Function Descriptors (a handy tool for understanding lambdas and functional interfaces)

  • Method References (the different types and how to use and apply them)

  • Default Methods (what they are, why they were introduced and where to use them)

  • Pipelines and Streams (understanding through example)

  • Optionals and the Optionals API (what they're for and how to use them)

This course is a concise, no-nonsense guide to Java 8 which explains just enough detail so that you can absorb and understand the core concepts and get you up and running, quickly and effectively with coding in Java 8.

I can't wait to teach you all about the exciting features of Java 8 inside! ;)

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