Master the JavaScript Interview


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Paid course
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4 hours
38 lessons
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Arnav Aggarwal
  • Tackle any problem you'll find in an interview.
  • Master several algorithmic strategies & data structures that can be applied to a wide range of problems.
  • Critically analyze the algorithms you come up with and find ways to make them incredibly more efficient.


Learn how to ace your next JavaScript interview using advanced problem-solving techniques & algorithms

Master the JavaScript interview by practicing this set of carefully curated interview questions and solutions. These problems will provide the programming tools you need to tackle any question you find in an interview.

Most questions have multiple solutions presented. All solutions are thoroughly explained and time and space complexity are discussed. A passing familiarity with these ideas is expected. You'll learn how to tackle different types of problems so you can proceed with confidence in your interviews.

These questions go beyond the common problems that we've all seen. FizzBuzz and bubble sort? We start past those.

We'll discuss how to refine algorithms. We'll go over clever, advanced ways of manipulating data that interviewers are looking for. You'll walk away more skilled and confident in your problem solving and interviewing abilities.

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