Master .NET and C# Unit Testing with NUnit and Moq


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Course overview

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Paid course
3 hours
44 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Dmitri Nesteruk
  • What unit tests are for and how they are written
  • How to set up and use the NUnit test framework
  • What are the different test doubles: fakes, stubs, mocks
  • How to effectively use the Moq mocking framework
  • How to use the ReSharper unit test runner
  • How to write memory-related unit tests using dotMemoryUnit


Become an expert in unit testing with NUnit, Moq, dotMemoryUnit, ReSharper and other tools!

The goal of this course is to teach you Unit Testing and the use of the latest and greatest tools and frameworks available on the market today. This course covers the following technologies:

  • NUnit, the most popular unit test framework available for .NET
  • Moq, a mocking framework
  • dotMemoryUnit, a unit test framework for testing memory consumption
  • ReSharper (its unit test runner) used extensively in this course
  • dotCover is used to illustrate the concepts of code coverage and continuout testing

In this course you'll learn what unit tests are, how to write and execute them, what are fakes/mocks/stubs/moles and how to use a mocking framework.

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