Learning Python 3 Programming for the Absolute Beginner


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
12 hours
107 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Lee Assam
  • Get a full working knowledge of the Python 3 Programming Language
  • Hands-On Practice Exercises with Fully Explained Solutions for All Topics Taught
  • All major Python Concepts covered
  • Become comfortable using Python to Solve Problems
  • Variables, Conditionals, Looping, Data Structures and Collections, Functions, Object-Oriented Programming, Error Handling, Working with Data Files
  • Learn Python from an experienced professional software developer
  • Learn Python skills to confidently apply for a job


Learn Python 3 for Beginners Quickly. All major concepts taught. Do challenge questions with fully explained solutions.

Learn the Python 3 Programming Language as quickly and efficiently as possible with hands-on practice challenges and solutions.

This course is catered to beginners who want to learn the Python 3 Programming Language or developers who already know another language and want to learn Python 3.

All major concepts are taught and the course contains challenge questions with fully explained solutions to cement all the concepts you will learn.

If you are looking to :

  • Land your first programming job

  • Switch to a new programming career

  • Want to master the foundational concepts of Python 3 as quickly as you can

  • Looking to learn Python 3 to advance to data science and machine learning

  • Looking to learn Python 3 as a College or High School Student

  • Become proficient in one of the most popular and fastest growing programming languages out there

This course is for you!

Some of what you will learn
Here are some of the topics that will be covered

  • Variables and Comments

  • Working with Print Statements

  • Basic Data Types (Integers, Floats, Strings, Collections)

  • Operators

  • Working with Data Collections (Lists, Sets, Tuples, Dictionaries)

  • Conditionals and Looping

  • Functions

  • Object-Oriented Programming and Classes

  • Error and Exception Handling

  • Modules

  • Input and Output

  • Working with Data Files

  • Working with HTTP Requests

  • Much Much more

Approach that is taken

All basic foundation concepts around programming languages are first taught. This gives beginners the opportunity to grasp core concepts before jumping into code.

As an example the core tenets of object-oriented programming (like polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance and abstraction) are taught so you will understand those concepts before writing classes in Python 3.

Although most of the basic material is covered in detail, there are always links and resources provided to get additional details or go deeper on any topic.

Following all sections, there are coding challenges to help drive concepts home and allow you to practice coding. All solutions are reviewed with detailed line-by-line code reviews to explain the answers to the challenges.

All resources provided

All the source code for topics including the solutions for challenges are provided

The software for the course Python 3 Interpreter and PyCharm IDE are FREE

All you need is a computer or laptop to get going this course!

Get started Learning Python 3 Programming today!

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