LEARNING PATH: Java: Microservices with Java for Experts


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  • Use domain-driven design to design and implement microservices
  • Secure microservices using Spring Security
  • Troubleshoot and debug issues faced during development
  • Consume microservices using a JavaScript web application
  • Learn best practices and common principles for microservices
  • Get familiar with the authentication and authorization techniques for your application
  • Troubleshoot and configure in few steps using ELK Stake and Zipkin
  • Explore how UI app can interact with backend microservices


Deploy smaller, lighter, and faster services that can be implemented easily in a Java production environment

With the cloud being used widely, Java enterprise application development has moved from monolithic applications to microservices which are small, lightweight, process-driven components. Hence, microservices in Java are the next big thing in developing scalable, easy-to-maintain Java applications. So, if you are a Java developer or a  DevOps engineer looking to upgrade your Java and microservice skills, then go for this Learning Path.

Packt’s Video Learning Paths are a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it.
The highlights of this Learning Path are:

  • Learn how to build, deploy, and test microservices from scratch with the help of  easeDesign
  • Make your microservices secure using Spring Security

Let’s take a look at your learning journey. You will start off by gaining a deep understanding of the core Java microservice concepts and framework. You will then focus on the high-level design of large software projects. You will gradually move on toward setting up the development environment and configuring it before implementing continuous integration to deploy your microservice architecture. Next, you will be shown how to use Spring security, and how you can secure microservices and test effectively using REST Java clients and other tools. Finally, you will learn the best practices and common principles of microservice design to troubleshoot and debug issues faced during development.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will be confident in building and deploying services that can be implemented easily in a production environment.

About the Author :

Sourabh Sharma has more than a decade of experience in product/app development. His expertise lies in developing, deploying, and testing N-tier web applications. He loves to troubleshoot complex problems and look for the best solutions. In his career, he has successfully developed and delivered various standalone and cloud apps to happy Fortune 500 customers. Sourabh has also initiated and developed a microservice-based product for his US-based top enterprise product company. He started writing Java programs in his college days, in the late 90s, and it's still an enduring passion.

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