Learn to think and act like a programmer with Python in 2021


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Paid course
13 hours
133 lessons
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Willow Bits
  • Learn how to think like a programmer and write robust and clean Python code
  • Solve problems and apply knowledge to solve problems
  • Grasp the programming mentality and start thinking like a programmer


Unlike most courses, this course will teach YOU how to THINK like a programmer. Instructed by a Ph.D. holder from the UK

We might not be the largest course on Udemy, as we are a new course, but we are one of the few that shine in replying to your questions. We respond to your questions usually in under 8 hours (on average) and guaranteed in under 48 hours! This is VERY IMPORTANT to your learning experience as we will be there to assist you when you need us! Most big courses are abandoned! We are not!

Learning programming and learning to think like a programmer are two different things. Anyone can learn programming, but if you don't learn how to think like a programmer, you will never be able to become an independent programmer. The aim of this course is to TEACH YOU HOW TO THINK like one!

Your instructor is a Ph.D. holder in computing from one of the biggest universities in the UK with years of experience in teaching programming to students. He is also an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) in the UK with university-level teaching experience.

With 100+ lectures, 20 programming exercises, 20+ quizzes, and other materials this is a comprehensive Python course to teach you how to THINK and ACT like a programmer and write powerful and idiomatic Python code.

If you are an absolute beginner with no prior programming experience, in this course, I aim to teach YOU how to think and behave like an independent programmer. By the end of this course, I guarantee you that you will be able to think like a programmer and write real code to solve real problems. Many courses teach people the language, but they don't teach them how to think like a programmer. My objective in this course is to teach you how to think like an INDEPENDENT programmer.

The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, take your money back if you are not satisfied! The best part is that you will get LIFETIME access to all the materials (videos, code, exercises, and quizzes). You can come back whenever you want!

Some testimonials from our students:

  • “I've taken a couple of Python online courses, but none were able to keep my interest as this course. What makes this course different is that Rafael takes the time to explain things in an enjoyable way plus the quizzes and mini projects make me recall and apply most of the concepts that have been explained, and in this way I really take notice on what skills I gained and what I have to review.”

  • “It was an amazing course. It is well-designed and the lecturer himself is great at answering the questions on time just in case you come across a problem. Highly recommended for a beginner.”

  • “I never had lessons like these! Very nice delivery and explanation. One of the best teachers I ever heard.”

  • “I started off this course not knowing a single thing about python or programming. I can say that Rafael has been an excellent teacher, making step-by-step instruction and processes for me to fully memorize key points in my learning.”

  • “It has been a wonderful experience learning Python from you. It is 10 times better than learning Python from books without knowing which way I should go.”

What are you waiting for? Enrol in this course TODAY!

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