Learn to code by creating 14 projects with JavaScript and C#


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Paid course
12 hours
124 lessons
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Skill Tree
  • Create Calculator using JavaScript
  • Create Digital clock using JavaScript
  • Create a Image slider using JavaScript
  • Create a Todo List App using JavaScript
  • Create a Word count Tool using JavaScript
  • Create a Percentage Calculator using JavaScript
  • Create a Maths Addition Interactive Game using JavaScript
  • Create a Currency Converter using C#
  • Create a Web Browser using C#
  • Create a Ping Pong Game using C#
  • Create a Image Upload using C#
  • Create a Database driven Login Form using C#
  • Create a Matching Pairs Game using C#
  • Create a Music Player using C#


Learn to write computer code by creating 14 projects from scratch using JavaScript and C# Programming language

Welcome to this beginners course on how to program using JavaScript and C#
If you use the internet there is a chance that you've interacted with JavaScript because it is hosted or gets executed  inside the web browser.
JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web.
C# is an object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft.

The best way in my opinion to learn any programming language is by creating hence this course is a practical hands-on course . We will create 7 JavaScript and 7 C# projects from scratch and hopefully you will pick up some useful skills along the way.

The JavaScript projects we will create are :

         • Calculator
         • Digital Clock
         • Image slider
         • Todo List App
         • Word count Tool
         • Percentage Calculator
         • Maths Addition Interactive Game

The C# project we will create are:

         • Currency Converter
         • Web Browser
         • Ping Pong Game
         • Image Upload
         • Database driven Login Form
         • Matching Pairs Game
         • Music Player

A good text editor makes writing code fun and productive.
I will be using sublime text editor for this course. It is a cross platform text editor that will work on any platform  like windows and macs.It is free to download and use but recommend that you purchase a full license after trying it out if you enjoy using it.
Another good cross platform text editor is brackets which is open source and completely free to use. By open source I mean  developers from around the world can contribute to enhance it.
 I will  show you how to install Visual Studio, a great IDE for developing in C# applications. Along the way, we will cover topics such as:
• Declare and initialize variables with a variety of data types
• Troubleshoot Compile errors
• Controlling flow with conditional code
• Creating Method
• Creating Event Handler methods
• Using controls and changing their properties.

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