Learn to Build an Outdoor Environment with Unreal Engine 4


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Paid course
4 hours
22 lessons
Available on completion
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3dmotive LLC
  • Learn how to create a level in Unreal Engine 4 from scratch.
  • Understand the Foliage system in UE4 to create great looking plants and trees for their games
  • Learn object placement and layout basics of assets in UE4
  • Understand how to setup lights, particles, and additional post-process assets to improve the visual look of their course


Learn to create a game level from scratch using an industry-standard game engine!

In this course we will create a game level from scratch using Unreal Engine 4. This course will all be about level design,lighting and rendering of a scene. We will be using free packs from the Unreal Marketplace for our level.There are many topics we will address in this course. First we will go over some of the basics of the UI, to include the location of all our windows and assets and how to do basic functions within the UI.

We will also be creating a simple terrain out of a mesh and we will use vertex painting on that to blend multiple materials together to get a realistic looking forest type ground. We will then setup all the foliage with the Unreal foliage painter, where we can setup different settings like scale, position, and rotation variation. Lastly, we will then paint all of our foliage on out terrain.

We will then place our objects - going from big objects to small which will be a fairly straight forward process, but we will be discussing the best and most logical places to place them. We will create our entire scene around a few camera angles so that we can get the best possible result from our final screenshots - but of course we will also make sure that the level is playable. After all that is done, we will finish by building the lighting of our scene where we will setup our sun light, reflection spheres, and tweak all our lighting settings. We will also be using post effects to change the visual look of our scene to our liking and to make everything look a bit more realistic. To wrap up the course, we will cover how to take screenshots ready to be used in your portfolio.

More about the Instructor:

Emiel Sleegers is a self-taught 3d artist currently residing in the Netherlands. He's been teaching himself 3D art for the past 3-4 years, and has worked as a freelance artist on numerous unannounced projects. He's a lover of all things 3d and enjoys sharing the knowledge he has obtained with others eager to learn.

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