Learn Swift 4 in 3 Weeks - Beginners to Advanced Swift!


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Paid course
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5 hours
29 lessons
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Jason Chen
  • Write advanced Swift 4 programs confidently!
  • Have multiple cool projects at hand.
  • March onto developing iOS 11 applications.
  • Master APIs and Core Graphics.
  • Build their very own Swift 4 scripts to do rapid testing.


We'll be covering everything in Swift 4 from Beginner to Advanced Topics.

Welcome to the world's most cost-effective, comprehensive course on Swift 4 Programming. This course is designed to help you master Swift in the least cost and amount of time!

By following this course, you'll master all the concepts (beginner to advanced) that you will need to build fully functional iOS and Mac Apps with the popular programming language, Swift 4. 

Here are some things that you'll be able to do after this course:

  • Step right in to coding iOS Applications without fearing for swift
  • Write fluently in Swift 4
  • Be well-versed in Object-oriented programming
  • Write scripts for web scrapers 

Build a strong foundation in object-oriented programming and get up to speed with Swift 4 with this tutorial for ANYONE. 

Our syllabus includes all these topics:

  • Xcode and Playground Installation + Walkthrough
  • Variables, types, operators etc.
  • Functions and Logics (Conditionals, Switch case)
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Classes, Objects, Initialization and many more
  • More advanced topics (Enums, Protocols, Optionals, Closures etc.)
  • Swift 4 primer

If you are a complete beginner:

If you are completely new to programming and have no prior experience, be sure to stick to the lesson plan! Don't worry as I will answer all your questions through email, or you can ask around in the community of Udemy learners. I've designed the course so that it would be a step-by-step guide for beginners to master swift and move on to conquer many more languages, so don't skip around!

If you already have some experience with the past versions of swift:

This course is still very helpful to help you get back to speed with Swift 4. There is a dedicated screencast to help you master the new stuff in Swift 4 as well, so feel free to explore around.

Feel free to ask for help in the live community where you can get free help 24/7.

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