Learn Python GUI with Tkinter: The Complete Guide


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Pranjal Srivastava
  • Learn to create FULL Stack applications with Python
  • Learn to build desktop application with Tkinter
  • Practice GUI concepts with projects like notepad, Login form and much more
  • Learn to use GUI component like Radiobutton , Checkbox button, Button , entry , cursor and much more to make attractive GUI application
  • Learn about fundamental concepts like event driven programming, geometry management and attributes


Transform your ideas into beautiful GUI application

Python is a more popular programming language that can be used for a wide variety of applications like GUI, web-based application and much more. In this course you're going to learn about Tkinter, a powerful module of python to develop Graphical User Interface application.

You can use Tkinter to create applications for both desktops as well as for the web and it's my personal experience using Tkinter is the easiest and fastest way to develop application in few lines.

Through this course you'll be able to learn various widgets or elements of the GUI app like Labels, Buttons, Combobox, Checkbox, Menubar and many more. These all are most commonly used elements in any type of app.

Objective of course is to cover all the concepts and how to use widgets. The course contains various projects to boost your confidence to build your own GUI apps.

Topics covered in the course with proper combination of theory and practical:

1.  Introduction about Tkinter

2.  Widgets

3.  Cursors

4.  Bitmaps

5.  Checkbutton

6.  Radiobutton

7.  Menu

8.  Messagebox

9.  Canvas

10. Buttons

At the end, I'll only say let's convert your ideas into fully functional apps.

PROJECTS Included :

1. Calculator

2. Text editor like notepad, sublime

3. Login forms just like login window of Facebook, Gmail, etc

Happy Coding!!

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