Learn Python for beginners


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Paid course
2 hours
17 lessons
Available on completion
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DL Academy
  • Learn the basics of python
  • Make a powerful and awesome snake game
  • Use Loops to Improve Efficiency, Save Time, Maximize Productivity
  • Use Strings to Create Customized, Engaged User Experiences
  • Create Programs that can think using logic and data structures


Get quickly started with the python programming language while doing exciting projects

This python course will help you learn the basics of python with fun videos. At the end of the course, you will complete a snake game by applying all the knowledge that you acquired within the course. You will start from scratch by learning all Python fundamentals and slowly progressing into more advanced Python third-party libraries and by the end of the course you will know how to write Python programs.

As a bonus you will also learn how to convert that program into an executable that runs both on Windows and Mac as a standalone program so that you can give your program to anyone.

The content of the course consists of a mix of video lectures, quizzes, exercises, and discussions with the instructor and the fellow students giving you a complete package to help you become a professional Python programmer.

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