Learn Node.js API's Fast and Simple


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Course overview

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Paid course
2 hours
13 lessons
Available on completion
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Tom Jay
  • Students will be able to create a Node.js based API end point.
  • Students will understand technology for API's, REST, JSON and how to integrate into a Node.js server.
  • Students will understand how to create an API that connects with MongoDB
  • Students will understand how to create an API that connects with MongoDB


Learn to create Node.js API backend services REST/JSON for mobile/web, host on your own Linux server

Learn the basic concepts of API's to include HTTP based REST with JSON payloads. Learn how to create a working system with Node.js using the Express.js framework. Learn how to create an API that connects to MongoDB. We walk thru creating some simple API's and follow thru with deployment onto a server. This development is presented on a Mac OSX with Node.js 4 and deployed on a Linux server in a cloud environment (Amazon EC2).

Build a strong foundation in API development with Node.js. This course helps you understand and implement API's using Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB technologies to allow you to create your own back end server with the latest technologies.

  • Javascript
  • Node.js 4.x
  • NPM
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Linux

Professional skills and experience from an iOS / Node.js Architect with over 8 years experience.

Learn the fundamentals but also tips and tricks of the experts. Learn about the different type of API end points and how to create a full end to end solution.

We will walk thru the project setup and all required elements to create a full end to end API server.

Content and Overview

This course explains key technology concepts of API's with REST and JSON technology in a Node.js system. We show development from start to finish to include deployment on a live production server not just a test machine.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Detailed knowledge of how to create Node.js / Express.js based REST/JSON API's
  • Learn how to use MongoDB as the back end for API's.
  • Teaching by example showing every detail to the smallest degree from starting a new application to deploying it in production.
  • Access to Instructors GitHub account with many extras and examples.

If you don't have a a production server device don't worry, we show you how to test everything on your local computer.

Note: Development is all described on a Mac OSX notebook, Windows is not address. Node.js using JavaScript is a portable language and all the tools described in this class are available on other systems as well but no intention is made to describe how to setup them up of use the Windows or Linux versions.

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