Learn Laravel Vuejs from scratch - Build a TESLA web app


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
7 hours
48 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Mohammad Kily
  • A thorough understanding of Laravel and PHP for implementing Backends
  • Implement web applications using Vuejs and JS
  • Designing beautiful layouts effortlessly using Vuetify
  • Vuex for Implementing a global storage system
  • Vue Router for navigating between screens
  • CSS and Bootstrap for detailed custom designs
  • MySQL for data storage
  • HTML for screen content structure


Replicating the Tesla UI and Building a TESLA web application, using VueJs, VueX, Vuetify, Laravel, CSS and Bootstrap.

‌Hello and welcome to this course.

‌This course will teach you how to use the Laravel and Vuejs frameworks completely from scratch.‌ In this course we will be building and going through a few projects.

‌Firstly we will start with our todos project. In this project we will go through the basics so that you will have a good understanding of the architecture and paradigm for the Laravel and Vuejs frameworks.

‌Then we can progress and dive into more complex things. In the commencing project, we will design and build a tesla web application. ‌We will first try to somewhat replicate the Tesla website's homepage and then we will program the complete web application which is comprised of the backend for the admins to manage, and the front end for the users to use.

‌We will use many libraries for Vuejs to implement the projects such as Vuetify for making beautiful designs effortlessly, vuex to allow us to implement a global storage system which allows all components to connect to it and access the core data of the web application. We will also use the Event bus to allow different components to communicate between eachother and we will use other tools such as css, bootstrap, and more.

I hope you enroll and make the most of this course.

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