Learn JavaScript Through Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Web


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Course type
Paid course
All Levels
8 hours
60 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
E Learning Lab
  • Creating a page in Visual Studio
  • Adding Interactivity with JavaScript
  • Understanding the Fundamentals of HTML
  • Working with Various Kinds of Loops
  • Reading Textboxes
  • Creating Functions and Objects
  • Much, Much More
  • Create and Run a Simple Animation App.
  • Create and Run Simple JQuery Animations
  • Learn how to debug JavaScript step by step for extra insight


Triple Your Development Skills: JavaScript+.Net+Visual Studio 2013!

In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of JavaScript and Visual Studio 2013 For Web. You're doubling your skills. Please note that this is a course for beginners, or those who want a Visual Studio approach to JavaScript.

1) This course shows you how to use JavaScript

2) This course shows you how to use Microsoft Visual Studio

3) This course shows you the basics of HTML

4) This course is 6.5 hours long, so there is a huge amount of information

5) The course follows a simple outline of code examples, and quizzes

6) You also learn how to use the debugging features of Visual Studio and IE so you can execute your code with very fine control and truly understand it

7) There are several hundred questions so you can check your understanding

8) Given the hours of content, and number of questions, this is by FAR the best deal for a paid JavaScript course on this site.

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