Learn Javascript Step By Step By Building Projects


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
32 hours
134 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Rajesh Pillai
  • The student will be able to build large scale applications, understand how things works in deep level, and overall master the fundamental principles of programming.
  • Build an Online Editor like Codepen/jsbin using structured coding practice
  • Build your own reusable component
  • Build and refactor a simple CRUD app
  • Implement drag and drop without using any library
  • Build your own pagination control/library
  • Build a DOM based game using OOP
  • Build a jQuery like DOM Library step by step
  • Build a Slide Show/Image Gallery App using our custom library
  • Understand closure, call, apply and bind function thoroughly


This course teaches the fundamentals of JavaScript, UI component, patterns tips/tricks and build a DOM based OO game

Dear Friends,

Welcome ❤️  to early access of the JavaScript fundamental course.   Treat this offer as a "One Time Investment" to all future updates.

Some of the topics we will cover is listed below  (content will be incrementally added and user feedback will be taken into consideration)

Our goal in this course is to master JavaScript incrementally using the concepts of "First Principle".  And we do this by bulding lot of small and big projects to understand the concepts.

Early Bird Pricing in effect, free->$10.99->$20.99->$30.99+.  Once the course is full updated, the price will change.

The Core

✅ Introduction and basics

✅ Objects

✅ Functions

✅ Arrays

✅ Object Oriented Programming using es5/es6

✅ Call, Apply and Bind

✅ Closure

✅ Lexical Scoping

✅ Arrow functions

✅ Spread Operators

✅ REST Parameters

✅ Promise

✅ var/let/const



✅ DOM Manipulation

✅ Better practices

Building Re-usable Code

✅ Building Reusable Libraries/Components

✅ Implementing Drag and Drop without using third party library

Updated: Nov 2018

Game Development

✅ Build a pong game using ES5 OOP and DOM

Updated: Dec 2018

Building Components with JavaScript

✅ Build a base Dialog/Notification Component

Bonus Lectures:  T

Updated: Apr 2020

Code Your own jQuery like Library to master DOM Manipulation

Updated: Jan 23rd 2021

Essential JavaScript for Libaries and Frameworks Series

Updated: Feb 3rd 2021

Build a live code editor like codepen, jsbin using Vanilla JavaScript

And more...

Hope you enjoy this course!

Special ❤️  to the team at Algorisys Technologies for the support in creating these contents.

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