Learn JavaScript From the Ground Up: 2022 Edition


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3 hours
23 lessons
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  • Understand JavaScript internals and how does it work under the hood.
  • Learn core JavaScript fundamentals
  • Learn about asynchronous JavaScript
  • And much more...As this course gets updated every once in a while.


Teach you JavaScript like you're 5 ! From the ground up to mastery step by step...


This course will teach you modern JavaScript from the basic fundamentals to advanced topics. It aims to give you an opportunity to build a solid foundation to become a better JavaScript developer. So that you can have easy time using JavaScript frameworks & libraries  for Web Development such as AngularJS, React/Redux, Next.js, NestJS...etc, and same applies if you want to use JavaScript for Mobile App Development like, React Native, Ionic...etc, and Desktop App Development(Electron...).

And of course, if you are aiming to learn Node.Js, having a good grasp of the main JavaScript concepts is crucial before diving into it.

Is this course a good fit for your needs?

This course is intended to serve students:

  • Who are new to JavaScript and programming in general and want to build solid foundations.

  • Who are experienced with JavaScript and they want just a refresher or want a deep dive into its internals.

  • Who are looking for a kind of JavaScript reference guide to keep in the pocket and refer to from time to time when needed.

Why would you take this course?

  • The course has been build around the concept of "Teaching you JavaScript like you're 5", so it follows a step-by-step approach in providing value.

  • No frameworks, no third-party libraries, only plain Vanilla JavaScript.

  • Straight to the point...

  • Animations, diagrams and examples made to make it easier to grasp the concepts.

  • The course will be updated everyone once in while where new lectures and sections will be added or updated.

  • The instructor will answer your questions as soon as possible.

What should you do now?

Don't hesitate and enroll now...See you there ;)

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