Learn C# Programming For Absolute Beginners From Scratch


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Paid course
7 hours
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Bluelime Learning Solutions
  • Develop your creative and technical skills to build apps written in C#
  • Start a new career as a junior C# programmer or developer
  • Program your own console apps
  • Develop apps faster using visual studio


Learn C# from scratch with easy to follow lectures that you can code along with.

Welcome to this C# absolute beginners course (pronounced C Sharp). C# is designed to be a simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language, borrowing key concepts from several other languages, most notably Java.

 C# is an Object Oriented language and does not offer global variables or functions. Everything is wrapped in classes, even simple types like int and string, which inherits from the System.Object class.

C# could  be compiled to machine code, but in real life, it's always used in combination with the .NET framework. Therefore, applications written in C#, requires the .NET framework to be installed on the computer running the application. While the .NET framework makes it possible to use a wide range of languages, C# is sometimes referred to as THE .NET language, perhaps because it was designed together with the framework hence it's popularity.

C# is an object-oriented language designed by Microsoft and used by systems engineers, desktop programmers, and mobile app developers the world over.

 This course  will  guide you through C#'s basics, its core syntax, and the fundamentals of writing strong C# code.  I will  show you how to install Visual Studio, a great IDE for developing in C#, and then dive into the language itself. Along the way, we will cover topics such as:

  • Declaring and initializing variables with a variety of data types
    Data type Conversions and Truncating
    Exploring  Basic Arithmetic operators
    Create your first C# web and Console App
    Troubleshoot Compile errors
    Controlling flow with conditional code
    Creating custom classes
    Creating a complete maths quiz that will generate random problems for the quiz taker to solve

If C# is your first step into programming or adding it your existing skillset, these training videos will help you understand the language and use it to build your own great software.

Welcome :-)

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